Tap, Jazz, & Hip-Hop Dance Classes in Brandon, MS

Ballet Classes

Whether for fun or for sport, dancing is a wonderful way to express yourself. If your child is interested in learning the movements and concepts behind contemporary dance, it pays to have a good teacher in Brandon, MS. At Beverly’s School of Dance, you’ll find only the best teachers, helping students learn the most essential concepts of dance.

We teach beginner, intermediate and advanced dance classes to students from Brandon, Rankin County, Pelahatchie, Whitefield, and Jackson, MS of all ages. Our choreography combines elements from timeless dance styles to create a fun, exciting experience. Some of the styles we draw from include:

  • Ballet: Our ballet classes teach poise, grace and prowess, as well as the fundamentals for ballet and all of dance styles that abound from it. Dancers will learn proper steps and movements, balance, position and form as they become familiar with this timeless style of expression through our ballet classes.
  • Tap: Our tap dance classes involve intricate steps and rhythm, combined with energy and showmanship! We teach basic tap dance classes to students to get them familiar with the concept of different movements and delivery, so they can explore this one-of-a-kind style of dance.
  • Jazz: Our general dance classes often contain elements of jazz, however we sometimes host jazz dance classes that focus specifically on this dance modality. Our jazz dance classes incorporate elements of tap and ballet, fusing them into a fundamental repertoire of moves that any accomplished dancer can master!
  • Hip-hop: With a focus on fluidly using the entire body in tandem with the rhythm and beat of the song, hip-hop dancing is a competition favorite style of dance! We incorporate elements of hip-hop into our general dance classes, but occasionally offer these hip-hop dance classes individually.

In addition to our general and hip-hop dance classes in Brandon, MS, instructor Shey Allen Campbell also teaches classes that help our dancers condition their bodies and get familiar with certain movements:

  • Tumbling: Tumbling is great for acclimating dancers to their center of gravity and plays an important role in executing certain dance moves.
  • Gymnastics: Gymnastics are great for improving a dancer’s flexibility and body awareness, which helps them to become more fluid in their dancing.
  • Baton twirling: A great showmanship skill for competition, baton twirling can complement dancing with props and accessories.

For more information about our upcoming classes or to inquire about any of the different styles of dance we teach, please contact us today at 601-825-4056.

2021-2022 Tentative Schedule

All classes are combo classes with ballet, tap, and jazz/hip-hop. The tumbling classes are acrobatic gymnastics. Below is a sample of the classes. If you don’t see your age or are unsure of where you would fit, please contact us and we can help you. Classes begin Tuesday, September 7th 2021.


4:00Ages 7-9 tumble/baton
4:30Ages 7-9 Combo Dance
5:45Ages 9-12 Int. Combo Dance
7:00High school Adv.Dance


4:00Ages 6-7 Int. combo Dance
5:00Ages 6-7 Tumble
5:45Ages 3-4 Combo Dance
6:30Ages 9-11 Int. Dance


3:00Ages 3 Tumble
3:30Ages 3 Combo Dance
4:15Ages 5-6 Tumble
4:45Ages 5-6 Combo Dance
5:30Ages 6-9 Beg/ Combo Dance
6:30Ages 7-8 Combo Dance
7:30Ages 7-8 Tumble


3:00Ages 4 Tumble
3:30Ages 4 Combo Dance
4:30Ages 7-9 Intermediate Dance
5:45Ages 3-4 Beg. Combo Dance
6:30Middle School Dance
7:30Older ages Jazz/HipHop


Open for overflow classes

The schedule can change according to enrollment. If you don’t see a class for you please call and we will try to help you with finding a class.